Monday, 18 September 2017

Quickwrite (4) ; The Greatest Storm

Here is the Photo that I had to interpret. 

As the rough waves crashed upon the slippery rocks, the waves continually  got stronger and stronger. I suddenly woke up to the noise of shouts and screams, I quickly get up and out of bed rushing towards the front deck of the boat. In frightment I see everyone struggling to control the ship. The sound of the thunder roared like a fearless lion. The waves were nearly as rough as sandpaper. Everyone is shouting at one another with fear in their eyes. I wonder if we will survive this storm.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Technology W7

This week in food tech, we made Jam Filled Muffins / Donuts! They were absolutely delicious and I was partnered up with Leetia. We got given instructions on what ingredients and what tools we needed in order to make the Jam Filled Muffins. We did accidentally make a few mistakes but the Jam Filled muffins were still a success. Leetia and I ate 1 or so then took the rest home for later. I also recommend you try them!

Technology W6

Last week was my classes first week in food tech, We got to make delicious Oreo Milkshakes. My partner was Marcus and we had a lot of fun while working together. When we had finished making it, we even got to add some extra stuff like Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sprinkles and an Oreo. It was delicious and I hope that I can make it again sometime.

Year 8's Tamaki College Visit

Last week, All the year 8's from Glen Taylor School had gotten to go on a trip to Tamaki College which is just down the road from our school. Why did we go there? We went there for a Year 9 College experience day. We had to go to Tamaki College to help us realize what college may be like next year for us. There were a few year 9's from Tamaki College that were there to help us answer questions and to get from one class to the other.  The first class that we attend was Maths. In Maths class we learned about points. While the teacher was teaching us about points, we actually were playing a game of Battleships as a class, which was awesome.

Afterwards, We then made out way to science. When we had arrived into the class, we had to sit at a table with 4 other students. The first experiment we got to do was to cause a raw transparent egg, white just by adding chemicals.. The chemical reactions caused the transparent egg to turn white and look cooked a bit. It was an awesome experiment.
The next experiment was making bouncy ball about of, PVA glue, Water mixed with borax and food coloring. Unfortunately, my groups bouncy ball didn't really come out the way we had expected.  But overall, it was fun working as a team.
Another 'experiment' we got to do was attempt to make a balloon-helicopter fly. The science teacher gave us some helicopter propellers and a a few balloons. We had to blow air into he balloon using a pump and attach the propellers and balloon to each other and let it go. The balloon is supposed to blow air into the propellers causing them to spin and fly. But once again, ours didn't work but it was awesome to see the other groups do it. We did also do a few other experiments which was awesome. 

The next class that we took was English, The task that we got given was to write down what we admired in a teacher. I was paired up with Christian & Davis. We all contributed our ideas and handed them in to the teacher. We also read a long, yet interesting story. It was an awesome experience. 

And the last but not least subject we had was P.E. In P.E we played Turbo Touch. Turbo touch is a very fun game and I recommend that you all give it a go. When P.E was over, we then went and had lunch, For lunch we had Subway. It was very delicious. While eating, we had a few member of Tamaki College come up the front and speak to us about what Tamaki College is like. After finishing up, we all made our way to a normal Technology session! 

It was an awesome day and I am most certainly excited for college next year, but sadly, I will not be attending Tamaki College.