Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Glen Taylor School X Factor - Never give up

'Glen Taylor School X Factor'

This film is about a boy who auditioned for Glen Taylor Schools X Factor, but sadly he didn't make it to the finals, but that didn't stop him. He practiced and practiced almost everyday until the following 2 years, Dadak Su then made it to the finals. The meaning behind this film is to never give up & keep striving towards your goals! This film includes Dadak Su, Christian, Amy & Myself. We really enjoyed creating this film & we all hope that this encourages you to reach for your goals! 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Quickwrite (4) ; The Greatest Storm

Here is the Photo that I had to interpret. 

As the rough waves crashed upon the slippery rocks, the waves continually  got stronger and stronger. I suddenly woke up to the noise of shouts and screams, I quickly get up and out of bed rushing towards the front deck of the boat. In frightment I see everyone struggling to control the ship. The sound of the thunder roared like a fearless lion. The waves were nearly as rough as sandpaper. Everyone is shouting at one another with fear in their eyes. I wonder if we will survive this storm.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Technology W7

This week in food tech, we made Jam Filled Muffins / Donuts! They were absolutely delicious and I was partnered up with Leetia. We got given instructions on what ingredients and what tools we needed in order to make the Jam Filled Muffins. We did accidentally make a few mistakes but the Jam Filled muffins were still a success. Leetia and I ate 1 or so then took the rest home for later. I also recommend you try them!

Technology W6

Last week was my classes first week in food tech, We got to make delicious Oreo Milkshakes. My partner was Marcus and we had a lot of fun while working together. When we had finished making it, we even got to add some extra stuff like Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sprinkles and an Oreo. It was delicious and I hope that I can make it again sometime.

Year 8's Tamaki College Visit

Last week, All the year 8's from Glen Taylor School had gotten to go on a trip to Tamaki College which is just down the road from our school. Why did we go there? We went there for a Year 9 College experience day. We had to go to Tamaki College to help us realize what college may be like next year for us. There were a few year 9's from Tamaki College that were there to help us answer questions and to get from one class to the other.  The first class that we attend was Maths. In Maths class we learned about points. While the teacher was teaching us about points, we actually were playing a game of Battleships as a class, which was awesome.

Afterwards, We then made out way to science. When we had arrived into the class, we had to sit at a table with 4 other students. The first experiment we got to do was to cause a raw transparent egg, white just by adding chemicals.. The chemical reactions caused the transparent egg to turn white and look cooked a bit. It was an awesome experiment.
The next experiment was making bouncy ball about of, PVA glue, Water mixed with borax and food coloring. Unfortunately, my groups bouncy ball didn't really come out the way we had expected.  But overall, it was fun working as a team.
Another 'experiment' we got to do was attempt to make a balloon-helicopter fly. The science teacher gave us some helicopter propellers and a a few balloons. We had to blow air into he balloon using a pump and attach the propellers and balloon to each other and let it go. The balloon is supposed to blow air into the propellers causing them to spin and fly. But once again, ours didn't work but it was awesome to see the other groups do it. We did also do a few other experiments which was awesome. 

The next class that we took was English, The task that we got given was to write down what we admired in a teacher. I was paired up with Christian & Davis. We all contributed our ideas and handed them in to the teacher. We also read a long, yet interesting story. It was an awesome experience. 

And the last but not least subject we had was P.E. In P.E we played Turbo Touch. Turbo touch is a very fun game and I recommend that you all give it a go. When P.E was over, we then went and had lunch, For lunch we had Subway. It was very delicious. While eating, we had a few member of Tamaki College come up the front and speak to us about what Tamaki College is like. After finishing up, we all made our way to a normal Technology session! 

It was an awesome day and I am most certainly excited for college next year, but sadly, I will not be attending Tamaki College. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Quick Write (3) ; The Cave

(Here is another one of my quick writes! Hope you enjoy)
I enter the cave, not knowing what is inside. It gets colder and colder and darker and darker the more distance I go. I suddenly stop as I hear voices surround me. I look around and see nothing but crumbling walls. I continue to walk, but i feel as if something is holding me back, But i continue anyways. I hear screams coming from the highest peaks of the cave. Terrified, I run out of the cave and is certain whether to return again.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Quick Write (2) ; Frozen

This here is a photo of one of my many Quick Writes. A Quick Write is when our teacher puts a photo of something on the T.V and we have to interpret what we think is happening or going on. The photo that was on the T.V was a person in the middle of no where, he was surrounded by nothing but ice and there was an old boat not too far from where he was.  

Here is my Quick write! 
I will be posting Quick writes more often!

How does a Hurricane Erupt?

How does a hurricane erupt?

A hurricane is a huge storm that starts as water, it then joins in with air and

How is a hurricane formed?

Firstly, It starts off with sea water, the water has to be at least 27 ° celcius in order for a hurricane to form.
Next, The water then causes the air above it to warm up, and as the water warms up, the air starts to rise all the way up to the sky. The air that is above the water is very humid, so it has a lot of water stored in it. As the air rises, more air comes and takes its place. The cycle continues to repeat. When all of the humid air has raised, it starts to cool down and become clouds.

After that, the clouds then start to join in with the wind. In order for them to join, the wind has to be calm and steady. It can’t be the type of wind that becomes calm, then harsh and then calm again. If the wind is too harsh, the storm can be blown away. If there is warm damp air within the wind, and it can stay like that for a few days, this is when the hurricane's pieces, start to form.

The steady winds push the developing storm over the ocean and the warm water gives the storm more energy. The air rises into the growing storm and it continued to feed it more energy and inside of the hurricane, the winds power starts to improve.

As the hurricane grows, it starts to turn. It continues to spin with the eye in the centre, The longer the warm air gives the storm energy, the longer the hurricane can continue to travel.

Hurricanes usually die down when they reach cooler, colder water or land and that is because the warm sea water is not longer able to give the storm more fuel or energy. Hurricanes usually leave behind a lot of rain, the rain can even last a few days before dying down. It also can push a lot of ocean water to land which can cause a lot floods!

Did you know…?
The centre of the hurricane which is referred to the ‘Eye’ is the calmest place throughout the storm, even though it is right in the centre!?

Hurricanes usually appear around the topical islands and ocean, so I do not recommend going around those areas during June 1 to November 30 (Summer Time)

How is a Tsunami formed?

How is a Tsunami Formed?

A Tsunami is caused when the tectonic plates of the Earth’s Surface slip, releasing a huge amount of energy into the water. A Tsunami can also be caused by Submarine Landslides, Underwater volcanic eruption or an earthquake which causes the tectonic plates to split. The energy travels up towards the earth’s surface and causes the water to rise above sea level. Gravity then pulls it down which makes the energy ripple outwards horizontally. A Tsunami can travel over 500 miles per hour and it can reach up to 100 ft tall.   

When the Tsunami waves have formed, the Gravity pulls it back causing the causing the tide to reach further than usual. When the gravity then releases the waves, it vastly heads towards the shore. Tsunami can cause damage to anything and everything. It can bust down huge buildings and lift tons of cars. A Tsunami can ruin a whole town if it had a huge amount of energy.

This is my explanation on how a Tsunami is formed. If you happen to be somewhere where a tsunami is, make sure to go to high and stable ground!

How does a volcano erupt?

How does a volcano erupt?

A volcano is known as a ‘vent’ or a chimney. A volcano connects Magma within the earth’s crust to the Earth’s surface. The liquid rock is called Magma when it is underneath the Earth’s Surface, but when it rises onto the Earth’s surface, it is then Hot Lava.

The molten rock which is stored in the Magma chamber rises through the crater pipe pockets. As it continues up the main vent, the gasses start to expand and the water becomes steam which then creates pressure. When the pressure in the volcano can no longer be enclosed, the volcano erupts through the crater and smaller secondary side vents.

Most volcanic gases include Water vapour, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide. Most people believe that volcanoes are a cone shaped mountains, but that isn’t true. There are many different sized and forms of volcanoes. Some are even underwater or even under ice caps.

This is how a volcano erupts, when the lava has cooled down and become rock, the process of a volcanic explosion starts again.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Naima & Honey's Kawa Of Care Poster!

Today, Room 11 and Room 12 had combined classes and had gotten put with a buddy from the opposate class room. My buddy was Naima, She is a year 7 student from Room 12. After we had gotten buddied up with eachother, we filled in a doc and created a google drawing which explained the 4 different aspects of Kawa of Care.  We both combined our ideas and wrote down a few words explaining what we think they mean. Naima went all out on the decorations and themes, I think it looks great! When everyone and their partners had finished their google drawings/doc/slides we all had to share what we did and our learning in front of both of the classes. I think that it was great working with someone different and from another class, I hope that we get to do this again soon! 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Inspirational Leader

Recently, We had been studying Inspirational Leaders. We had to think of an inspirational leader and gather some information about them. I chose Abraham Lincoln, because I believe that he is an amazing leader and he changed the world. After deciding that I wanted to research about Abraham Lincoln, I then created a Google Slide that has a short paragraph with some information about him on it. The following Slide deck is the information that I gathered about Abraham Lincoln.

Quick Write ; The Magic Globe

A few days ago, Room 11 had done a quick write named 'The Magic Globe'. The photo was of two young boys staring at a magical, glowing globe. If you don't know what a Quick Write is, It is when our teacher shows us an image on the T.V and we have to interpret what we think the image is. It doesn't have to be long at all, just a short paragraph, but some of us like to add a lot of extra writing. This following image is my quick write about The Magic Globe!

Holes Character Profile

Have you ever seen the movie, or read the book 'Holes'? If you haven't, you really should! It is really entertaining and worth the watch. Last term, Our class read the book holes, and at the end of the term, we watched the movie and had a shared lunch. It is actually amazing how the book is just like the movie. After finishing the book and the movie, we had to do a character profile on one of the characters from Holes. I chose Khleo Thomas, Also known as Hector Zeroni in the movie. We had to include Information and facts about the the character. I made a presentation that only has two slides.

Here is the presentation

Manaiakalani Ambassador Presenting Day!

This morning, My teacher and I went to the Manaiakalani Ambassadors presentation day. Oh, Did I not mention? This year, I had been selected to become Glen Taylor Schools Manaiakalani Ambassador for 2017. Each term, I go to a few Ambassadors Presenting days. There are 13 Manaiakalani Ambassadors all together from different schools that present, as well as myself. It is really interesting to hear and watch other ambassadors presentation. You can also collect information and ideas from other ambassadors presentations. Today's Presenting day was the third time I had presented in front of different groups of people. It is an amazing opportunity to be a Manaiakalani Ambassador, I have learnt a lot of things while being one! I hope that I can learn even more while being a Manaiakalani Ambassador!
This image is me presenting this morning. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

My Dream House!

This week we got given homework and one of the tasks were to create a dream house. We had to imagine that we got given $2 million dollars and create the house of our dreams. I created mine using google drawing. I designed a backyard and a two storey house, here are some pictures of what I designed.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Student Led Conference

Today, My mum and I came into school for Student Led conference. We both looked at my learning and how I was doing in school. I showed her all of my learning with the use of my chromebook. Here is a photo of us working together.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Dream Team

Today, all of the seniors had gone into the hall to do some activities. We had a visitor from the Dream Team, Mike Hendricksen. He had been a lawyer for 21 years and he explained the importance of being a good leader. We went through a presentation with him and it included quotes and sayings from great leaders, leaders that have worked their way to where they are now. He encouraged us to believe in ourselves and reach for our dreams. We had got a lot of good advice  from him and I can;t wait to see him next year.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Star Signs In Room 11

Currently in Room 11, we have been studying graphs and star signs. Our job was to create a tally chart and go around the class and ask each student what their star sign was. When we had finished with our tally chart, we added it up and starting working on our actual bar graph. The most popular star sign in Room 11 is Capricorn, and the least popular is Pisces, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. It was a fun task to do with our class mates, I hope we get to do this again.

Volleyball in Room 11...

For the past few weeks, Room 11 and a few other classes have been playing Volleyball with our instructor Toni. 

Sadly, This week is our last week and we possibly won't be seeing her ever again. This week, We had a about two lessons, and for the rest of the Volleyball session we had competitions against each other. 

We had gotten put into 6 groups and we all got a chance to compete against every group. Sadly, My group didn't come first, but at least we had the biggest amount of fun! 

Glen Taylor Culture Festival!

At the beginning of the year, Glen Taylor School had a culture festival. We had the the opportunity to choose what culture group we wanted to go in. Each week we would have two practices so we knew what we performing on the actual day. At the culture fest, They sold Drinks, Island Plates of food (Which was delicious) and sausages. All the money that they made selling food, All went towards the school. It was an amazing day! 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Slimy Soup...

A few weeks ago we were focusing on procedural writing. A Procedure is explaining how to make or do something step by step. In class, we got given a task to do a procedural writing on slimy soup. In the procedure you have to list your ingredients, equipment and the method. For the slimy soup recipe, you had to include some disgusting ingredients, so don't mind them.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Inquiry Presentation Term 1

Last Term, Our inquiry topic was 'Our Own Backyard'. While working independently, I had to come up with 7 sub questions and one big wide question. After coming up with sub questions, I then had to research them and find the answers using whatever resource I could find. The sub questions are always in relation to the big questions. In my inquiry presentation, I was focusing on Pollution and how we can prevent it.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

My inquiry presentation

This terms inquiry topic is Keeping ourselves safe (K.O.S). I had gathered all of this information using google search and the New Zealand Herald. Before starting the process of my presentation, I had to come up with 6 different questions that I had to find the answers to. Some communities can be very dangerous, So make sure to keep safe!

Keeping your password secure

Last Term, Mrs Grant came into our class and we had a cyber smart lesson. In this lesson, We had to create a google drawing or presentation on how you should create a password. When creating a password, you should always make sure that it is unique and that it is something that no one will guess. Also, Make sure to keep your password safe and secure by not telling anyone what it is. 

Facts About Rodents!

Last Term, We were studying Rodents. In our reading groups, We had a list of rodents and we all had to find one fact about each. I decided that I would create a google drawing with the fact listed below the rodent. While I was researching for facts about these rodents, I was really surprised on what these rodents were capable of. 

(This Presentation was my reading tasks for week 5 & 6)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Glen Taylor's School Disco!

A few weeks ago, The staff decided that we would have a School Disco. In order to enter the disco, you would of needed to pay $2. At the disco, they were selling snacks and drinks all for a cheap and affordable price, which is really convenient. The disco had colourful lights and a well known dj. The reason that we were having a school disco was because the friends of the school wanted to fundraise for us. Our school needed money for a notice board which will be placed at the front office for everyone to see. This notice board will have student art, Notices and much more. I hope we get to have another disco soon :) !

Monday, 19 June 2017

Jack London Novel Study

In our Reading Groups, Miss Tupou assigned us to create a Novel Study based on an author. The group that I am currently placed in is Wendt, and we got given Jack London. We had gathered information about him using Google search and any other browser that we could find which had information about Jack London. This Novel Study was interesting and fun. I hope that we can do another one soon! 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Whanau Hui

This here is a presentation which I created with my aunty at the Hui that we had last night. The Hui was about taking our Chromebooks home and how we should take care of them at home and in school. After the Hui was finished, we then got to take our chromes home with our charger and bag. I think that it's great that we get to take out chromes home now. This presentation contains information in relation to being cybersmart and looking after our chrome books.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Brownie in a mug!

Currently in Room 11, We have been focusing on procedural writing. Procedural is explaining something step-by-step, including the materials and instructions. This photo here is Brownie in a mug. I have created this using Google Draw. I explained the materials you need and what you will need to do to make it. Brownie in a mug is simple and easy, yet so delicious. If you plan on making this, Enjoy it!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Did you know?...

This poster here is based on a Top Tip. My top tip is Ctrl + W. If you press Ctrl + W, it will immediately exit off the tab that you are currently on. This is very useful and efficient. For example, When you are in a rush to leave, You can quickly just press Ctrl + W then sign out. 


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I am Honey

IMG_0666.JPGHello and Welcome to my Blog. I am Honey and I am currently attending Glen Taylor School as a year 8 student. I am Cook Island-Maori and Swiss. I have 3 sisters and no brothers. I am a proud Manaiakalani Ambassador and house captain for Glen Taylor School.  I really do enjoy learning at school. I am quite good at writing and I enjoy writing whenever I possibly can. The challenges I face when it comes to learning is usually maths, I’m not the best at it. The goals that I have set for myself this year, is to be at the national standard or above by the end of my last year. I also really enjoy inquiry and art, they are very fun tasks to do whenever you need a break from everything. By the end of this year, I would like to get accepted into a good grammar college. The person who inspires me is my teacher, she is always up for helping me when I am not really sure about something. I also really enjoy posting things on my blog, like my learning throughout the week/term and what I do throughout the weekends and holidays . I hope that you all enjoy what I share on my blog. Thank you.