Thursday, 22 June 2017

My inquiry presentation

This terms inquiry topic is Keeping ourselves safe (K.O.S). I had gathered all of this information using google search and the New Zealand Herald. Before starting the process of my presentation, I had to come up with 6 different questions that I had to find the answers to. Some communities can be very dangerous, So make sure to keep safe!


  1. Good job Honey! I love how you have used data to inform your decision making, especially around what we can do to stay safe in Glen Innes. I also love how you contacted the local Police to get their ideas around what other ways we can stay safe! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hello Honey, I enjoyed listening to your presentation at the Hui. You spoke confidently and had lots of interesting facts to share. I totally agree with you when you talked about us helping others that are less fortunate. It would be great if we could get other schools involved helping the community become safer and better.

  3. Talofa Lava My Name is TJ, I really like all of the information that you included in your inquiry Presentation. It is very informative and I agree with everything you said. My favourite part is when you included the image of the criminal activities in East Auckland. I really enjoyed your presentation, keep up the good work!.